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kalel_ofkrypton: (Superman: Cape in a box)

I stand for truth, justice, and... other stuff.

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Name:Clark Kent (AU)
Birthdate:Mar 15
Location:Kansas, United States of America
This is a roleplaying journal of Clark Kent (Smallville canon). Superman belongs to DC Comics and this particular rendition is partially owned by the CW. Some ideas and concepts have been borrowed from other Superman canons such as Lois & Clark and the Christopher Reeve films. Some details (mostly minor in nature, such as aspects of spoken Kryptonian) have been completely invented by the mun.

As of 6/29/2013, the mun began using The Kryptonian Language Project as a resource for Kryptonian writing and vocabulary.

Verse: Night and Day

Clark is canon up until just after "Talisman." The events of canon continue mostly as normal after that, but his character development and certain details are different thanks to his dealings in the Nexus. Major changes include dating outside of his universe ([personal profile] slayers_desire, who is now his wife as of the beginning of season nine), learning to fly earlier, and telling Chloe his secret at the end of "Scare" thanks to encouragement from a future version of himself. Shortly before "Mortal," he started wearing his glasses from "Whisper" again to get people used to seeing him that way, and as of "Combat" he's swapped them for the iconic nerd glasses. His first supersuit, the red leather Blur costume, made its debut shortly before "Action."

Clark has recently completed his journey through Smallville's television canon and will not be following the Season 11 comics.

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Green Lantern Corps: [personal profile] greenlanterncorps
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Other characters in this timeline:
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Nextgen Hawkman and Hawkgirl: [personal profile] younghawks

Verse: In a Multiverse Far, Far Away

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, Krypton never exploded and Kal-El was raised on his homeworld. Though his people are insular and elitist, they do desire to learn about other cultures and have their say in the galactic government, so some of their higher-class citizens are trained to be ambassadors and cultural envoys. As a low-level Force-sensitive, Kal-El has been prepared to go offworld as a cultural exchange student to the Jedi or Sith Academy. His choice, and those of others, will shape the galaxy.

Kal-El travels with a translator droid, as he does not yet speak Basic.

Mun: Ael ([personal profile] martyfan)
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